Mission - Understand cells deeply. Harness cells widely.


We will contribute to realize precise cancer diagnosis, reliable cell-based medicine, and highly efficient bioproduction. We expect that practical cell measurement technology will become a platform technology that is widely applied to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases as well as to the production of pharmaceuticals and foods. CYBO aims to establish technologies to analyze and understand complex and voluminous cells by employing high-speed imaging, AI, and other technologies, and thereby contribute to a diverse society.



Vision – Be a Platformer for Cellular Analysis


Cells are the fundamental elements that make up the basic unit of life.



“Do it, make it happen”

It is not enough to have excellent technologies and plans to start up a new industry, it is necessary to go through the whole process of providing them to customers to benefit the society. At CYBO, we value taking on essential challenges head-on and persevering even when the task is difficult.


“Gather together abilities, and take in the opinions of others”

We bring together our abilities with colleagues as well as with our customers and partners, and incorporating each other's opinions to advance our work.


“Study greedily and venture across borders.”

We study voraciously and actively adopt useful knowledge and technology even from different fields to achieve our mission.



Working at CYBO


CYBO members are encouraged to learn, adopt and experiment greedily with what is necessary to achieve their goals, regardless of their past careers and experiences. As a result, each individual will have the opportunity to broaden their skills and find new prospects for their career.

CYBO's mission is of public interest and involves social responsibility. All members are responsible for understanding the issues faced by clients and working to resolve them.