Reclassify cells with AI x big data 

to make better use of them.

Understand cells deeply. Harness cells widely.

The cell is an extremely complex and sophisticated system which requires elaborate technology to investigate, while it is a building block of life, and studying cells is essentially important to understand living organisms. Further technical advancements in measurement, analysis, and control of cells are required to understand them deeply and to utilize them in medicine, environment, and bioproduction. CYBO founders have developed intelligent Image-Activated Cell Sorter* by combining multiple technologies including world’s fastest confocal microscopy, deep learning, and world’s fastest on-chip cell sorter, to solve problems in the cellular research and its applications. CYBO leverages these technologies and provides tools to deeply understand cells and to widely utilize cells.



The world’s first deep-learning-assisted image-based cell sorter.



A cell analyzer platform to accelerate cell analysis with big data and AI.