June 24, 2020

Takeaki Sugimura, Vice President of Engineering, was selected for the ISAC Innovators 

CYBO is pleased to announce that Takeaki Sugimura, Vice President of Engineering, has been selected as one of the ISAC Innovators. The International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC), an international society in the field of cytometry, has started the ISAC innovators program this year and has selected three innovators who are expected to lead the advancement of the cytometry industry. The ISAC website announced that Sugimura had been selected as one of the innovators on June 24th.


Comments from Takeaki Sugimura

I am very honored to be selected as one of the ISAC Innovators. We are in the process of developing innovative cytometry products, such as the image-activated cell sorter. We will continue to make sincere efforts to contribute to innovation in the future.




About K.K. CYBO 

CYBO is an engineering company committed to “understand cells deeply, harness cells widely,” that develops and provides research instruments, diagnostics devices, and software. CYBO is developing an innovative image-activated cell sorter with AI-based cell-image-classification capability (ENMA), and a fast 3D cell scanner with real-time image processing AI (SHIGI), by employing our high-speed imaging, real-time AI computation, and high-speed mechanical controlling technology.

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